A Wave Rose Toward You

5/3- 18/4 2015

Elastic Gallery

“A wave rose toward you in the past” is quoted from Rainer Maria Rilke’s First Elegy in Duino Elegies (1923). It is one of many translations from the German “es hob sich eine Woge heran im Vergangenen”. Others include “a wave rolled toward you out of the distant past”, “a wave lifted towards you out of the past”, and “a wave from the things of the past rose toward you”.

Nadine Byrne establishes connections through the words of Rilke to create an embodiment of her inner world. For her first exhibition at Elastic Gallery she continues to explore alternative understandings of the world through the visual representation they imply. Often rooted in deeply personal experiences that relate to various notions of family, memories and past act as the multitude of versions of one single sentence. Like translations, memories vary depending on time, detail and wishes. Byrne takes these aspects and deliberately wrestles through her own recollections.

One of the suites in A Wave Rose Toward You consists of large embroidered canvases. In these Nadine Byrne maneuvers persistent specters of her childhood apartment, with all its attributes that are so linked to the people in the household and the events that took place there. She often goes back to that very apartment in a recurring dream. With the help of old photos and by scrutinizing memories Nadine Byrne let’s us take part of this very personal journey and process. The figurative features of each room are translated to color schemed abstractions onto every canvas. By doing so Byrne moves closer to what true emotional imprint the people that lived there left behind; the people from her past, who are equally close and distant.

Alida Ivanov