Sorgearbete (Work of Mourning)

3-channel video and installation


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Installation views from the exhibition Sorgearbete at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm

Sorgearbete (Work of Mourning)
3-channel video

Screening version 3 min digest
Original length 36.52 min
Sound, color, spoken language Swedish with English subtitles

With: Nadine Byrne, Tanya Byrne, Linnea Hansander, Marja Knape, Madeleine Kozma, Agnes Mohlin, Mariana Silva Varela, Klara Wiksten
DoP: Marcus Harrling
Music: Nadine Byrne
Sound technician: Tanya Byrne
Colorist: Nanna Dalunde
Made with generous support by Bonniers Konsthall
5 min documentation of 3-channel video installation
Each screen is 100 x 177 cm
The Black Ribbon
Hand dyed fabric, steel
100 x 190 x 250 cm
Portraits from a Void (1-6)
Fabric, embroidery, plexi-glass printed photograph, wood, steel
21 x 20 x 88 cm each
The Presence of Absence
Steel, rope, photo collage, glass
25 x 18, 5 x 100 cm
Attire for travel along the river Styx
Fabric, steel
42 x 130 x 115 cm

Thank you

Everyone participating in the film + Ingrid Gustafsson, Madeleine Åstrand, Sarah Kim, Weld,

Martin Malm, Iaspis, Aurelia Le Huche, Johan Meisel, Bonniers Konsthall

Photos credit: Jean-Baptiste Béranger