It will never not be midnight

Nadine Byrne

85 analogue slides

3 overlapping Kodak Carousel slideprojectors


32.15 min

Videodocumentation of the work being installed in the exhibition

It will never not be midnight at The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

Stockholm 20.04.24 – 09.06.24:

The text narrated in the work can be found here

Presentation/ Synopsis

It will never not be midnight is an audiovisual work originally commissioned by Elektronmusikstudion, the renowned centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art, as the official work for their 60th anniversary celebration. A part of the commission was gaining access to the archives of The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden and the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research. It will never not be midnight emerged after taking inspiration as well as collecting material from these archives, preserving the past as it is gently handled and integrated in the present.

Photographs colored by hand and collages seamlessly float in and out of each other through the means of three overlapping analogue slide projectors, accompanied by a sound composition of electronic music and a voice narrating a poetic story divided into two acts. 

Act one is centered around themes of loss, exploring remembrance ability to preserve fragile connections to places and people who are absent. Images of domestic interiors, different projections of a home, become structures containing memories, where the past continues to exist.

In Act two we follow the collapse of boundaries, as the structure of the home has been lost. Three women portray an ambiguous state of being where limits and borders merge in and out of each other. Identity, dream and reality are all in continuous flux.


Nadine Byrne (*1985) is an artist based in Stockholm. She studied at the Royal Institute of Art
in Stockholm under Prof. Hinrich Sachs and graduated with a masters in Fine Art in 2011.

Byrne has exhibited and performed widely in Sweden and internationally.
Being active also as a composer and musician, she moves freely between the worlds of art and music, most often blending the two.

Byrnes artistic practice includes sculpture, moving and still image, textiles, drawing, sound composition, and writing. These various mediums are often combined in larger interdisciplinary installations. Her work explores recurring themes of ambiguous and liminal states of being such as remembrance, loss, and dreams intertwined with an interest in the inherent meaning and history within materials.

In Byrne’s practice materials, bodies and gestures become enunciators in lieu of language. Enabling connections beyond the constraints of time and space, Byrne aims to bring together multiple temporalities through material, frequently employing a ritual and mythological methodology.

Filmography and exhibitions

2024 It will never not be midnight. Director, script, sound, costume.

2020 Sorgearbete (Work of Mourning). Director, script, sound, script, soundtrack, set-design. Distributed by Filmform.

2018 Dreaming Remembering. Director, script, sound, script, soundtrack, set-design.

2015 Dark Tourism. Director, script, sound.

2012 How Pure is The Journey? Director, script, sound, costume, cinematography. Distributed by Filmform.

2012 Topografi. Director, script, sound, costume, set-design, cinematography. Distributed by Filmform.

2011 And The Sky so Present and Near. Director, script, sound. Distributed by Filmform.

2011 Dream Family. Director, script, sound, script, soundtrack, set-design. Distributed by Filmform.

Solo + Duo Exhibitions

2024 It will never not be midnight, The Museum of Performing Arts, Stockholm

2023 Incoherent fragments of intimacy, Saskia Neuman Gallery, Stockholm

2022 As if it is still there waiting for me, CPR2, New York

2019 Minnesmaterial – Textil Transcendens, Konstakademien, Stockholm

2018 Memories Rise In Images Of Dreams, Narkissos Gallery, Bologna

2018 The Permanent Void, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm 

2017 Magasinering av Tid, Sandvikens Konsthall, Sandviken

2015 Battle 20 with Javier Barrios, Pink Cube, Oslo

2015 A Wave Rose Toward You, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm

2015 Dark Tourism, Galleri Box, Göteborg

2014 M E P N B with Marie Plum, Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen

2014 Hi Mom, Verket, Stockholm

2013 Stories As An Opposite To Despair, BLOKK, Bergen

2012 Inward World, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

2011 Dream Family, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

2010 EVOCATION, Galleri Oro, Gothenburg

2010 Legends with Danilo Stankovic, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm

2010 Dark Mountain, Secret Signs with Ragnar Persson, Wonderland Art Space, Copenhagen

2009 Something and Else with Ruairiadh O´Connell, Annarumma 404, Milan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024 If I Can Not Cry in the Subway, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki

2023 In Watte und Nadeln – Konturen von Trauer, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

2022 UNITY, Sic, Helsinki

2022 HEM, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö

2021 (in) visible, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö

2020 Sorgearbete, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm

2019 Cartography of Memory, Pina, Wien

2019 Esoterisk Överföring, Studio 44, Stockholm

2019 Waking the Witch, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury and Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe

2018 Our Winter Show, Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm

2018 Waking The Witch, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newton

2017 Bland träd gräs och stenar, Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla

2017 På annan plats, Ystads konstmuseum, Ystad  

2017 Painting or Not, KaviarFactory, Henningsvær 

2017 Biotop 2017, Biolgiska Museet, Stockholm

2016 Secrets in the Carbon Atom, Podium, Oslo 

2016 The First Story Ever Told, Krets, Malmö

2016 Sneakyville, Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg

2015 Island Adaptation III: Native, g39 Gallery, Cardiff

2015 I detta ögonblick, Aguélimuseet, Sala

2015 The Ritual Box, La Rambleta, Valencia

2014 Desorientering vs pluralism, Ronneby Konsthall, Ronneby

2014 Restaurering Av Inre Rum, Charlottenburgs gård, Solna

2013 SHINE, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Arendal

2013 Believers, Varbergs Konsthall, Varberg

2012 WHO TOLD YOU SO?! 4 Truth vs. Family, Onomatopee, Eindhoven

2012 No Me Pongas Los Cuernos, La casa Encendida, Madrid

2012 Deep into Sweden, Art Center, Novosibirsk

2012 Paganism, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar

2012 Adios 4, Alice Gallery, Brussels

2011 Ghost, Gerlesborgs Konsthall, Gerlesborg

2011 XISM, Etnographic Museum, Stockholm

2010 Smell of Pepper, Peter Bergman, Stockholm

2010 News from the Neighbours, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Århus

2010 Das Swedische Modell, The Forgotten Bar/ Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin   

2009 PAPERMADE, Annarumma 404, Naples

Selected Screenings

2023 Topografi, Cnema, Norrköping

2016 Dream Family, Topografi, And The Sky so Present and Near, How Pure Is The Journey?, Zabriskie, Berlin

2014 Dream Family, Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro

2014 Topografi & Dream Family, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam

2012 Dream Family, Current Space, Baltimore, Bold Tendencies, London and Museum of Gavu Cheb, Cheb

2012 Techniques of Ecstasy, Gothenburg International Film Festival, Gothenburg

2012 Dream Family & Topografi, Bucky Dome/Moderna Museet, Stockholm

2011 Dream Family, Ordrupgaard, Charlottenlund

2011 And The Sky so Present and Near, Etnographic Museum, Stockholm

2011 Decennial Celebratory Solidarity Ritual, Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin

2010 Decennial Celebratory Solidarity Ritual, Shunt, London and Nano Gallery, Zagreb