Ectoplasm Girls

Ongoing sound/visual collaboration with ⤷ Tanya Byrne

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⤷ An introduction to Ectoplasm Girls by Julian Cowley in Wire Magazine #393

Ectoplasm Girls – New Feeling Come
LP released on iDEAL Recordings 2016
Available through ⤷ iDEAL Recordings & ⤷ Boomkat

Ha Na O Featuring Mariam Wavllentin
04.11 min
Track from New Feeling Come LP

Transmission From The 18th Century
Track from New Feeling Come LP
Of the Body
2-channel video
10.24 min (02.28 min excerpt)
Collaboration with Anna Koch
Ectoplasm Girls – TxN
LP (with poster) released on iDEAL Recordings 2011
Available through ⤷ iDEAL Recordings 

Ectoplasm Girls 7″ split with Net Shaker
Released on ⤷ Sleeping Giant Glossolalia 2012