Blottläggning (denudation/exposure) was commissioned as part of the project Borderlands, Spaces In Between, Precipies initiated by The Prison Museum of Sweden, together with Region Gävleborg, as to identify and investigate former execution sites in the county of Gävleborg. 7 artists were commissioned to artistically intervene at these sites, resulting in a discourse and reflection upon the history of the death sentence in Sweden and its ongoing effects throughout the world.

Blottläggning sits on the ground of Norrbo Bro. It consists of 4 sculptures, doubling as benches, made of steel and stoneware. The benches tell the story of the 4 people we know were executed on this site. An accompanying sound-piece in 4 acts, available to listen to through an app connected to Region Gävleborg, was conceived by recordings made on the site by burying microphones in the ground. The recordings have then been transformed into melodious compositions.